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Baby to long tooth period, can "bite" the toy how to choose?
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Baby to long tooth period, can "bite" the toy how to choose?

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Baby to long tooth period, can "bite" the toy how to choose?

First, what is the effect of dental glue?

Baby dental glue, also known as tooth training device and tooth fixer, is generally made of safe and non-toxic soft plastic glue. Gums are suitable for babies between 6 months and 2 years of age, while most babies can start using gums from 4 months.

Baby through grasping, sucking and clenching glue, can relieve the discomfort of teeth, but also gradually train sucking, sucking, chewing, pharynx and other actions, exercise gums, promote the development of the lower palate and gums, contribute to the healthy growth of teeth.

In addition, when the baby is in a bad mood, tired and sleepy or lonely, chewing gum can also achieve psychological satisfaction and security.

Second, what are the precautions for choosing dental glue?



1. Choose legitimate brands

When buying dental glue, parents had better choose and buy a regular brand, and be sure of the relevant certification marks, such as our country's 3C certification, European Union's CE certification, Japan's ST certification and so on.

2. Reasonable design of style and size

Dental glue is the best choice of integrated shape, prevent easy to fall small parts being swallowed by the baby; At the same time, the national standard requires that the length of the entrance is not more than 3 centimeters, to avoid choking.

3. The sound of the dental glue can be tested

In order to make the baby happy, mom and dad like to buy dental glue can make a sound, you can listen to it before buying, if you feel harsh is not recommended to buy, to prevent damage to the baby's hearing.

4. It is best not to choose dental glue with holes

Some vocal gum surface design with holes, but the baby in the process of chewing, saliva may flow into the hole, cleaning water may also flow into the hole. Over time, the gum inside is easy to mold, to cause the baby sick.

5. Select two or three alternately

Many treasure mother feedback, the baby will also "pick" different glue, the same glue has been playing will also feel tired. In addition, dental glue needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly, so it is recommended that parents buy 2~3 different shapes of dental glue each time, for the baby to alternately play.

6. Buy according to age applicable

Due to the increased occlusal ability of the older baby's teeth, in order to avoid unnecessary injury, the baby exceeds the upper limit of the age guide on the package, do not continue to use.