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《38 Women's Day》
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《38 Women's Day》

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International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. It is a globally recognized and respected day. Dating back to March 8, 1909, the United States Chicago labor women's strike march rally, women's Day has gone through more than a hundred years of history. Even in China, Women's Day has been around for a long time since the Republic of China, when all kinds of new ideas, ideas and things were introduced together. So, do you know the origin of Women's Day is what?



38 Women's Day is also known as international Working Women's Day. Internationally, the full name of Women's Day is "United Nations Day of Women's Rights and interests and International Peace", is the world's women strive for peace, equality, development of the festival. Over the past century, women in various countries have made unremitting efforts to fight for their rights.

On March 8, 1909, women workers in Chicago, Illinois, and workers in the national textile and clothing industry held a huge strike and demonstration, demanding an increase in wages, the implementation of the 8-hour working day and the right to vote. This was the first organized mass struggle of working women in history, which fully demonstrated the strength of working women. The struggle received widespread sympathy and warm response from women in the whole country and even other countries in the world, and finally won the victory.



Before the First World War, the shadow of war hung over the world, and imperialists tried to carve up colonies. In August 1910, the second International Socialist Women's Congress was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The meeting was attended by representatives of 17 countries. The main issues discussed at the meeting were to oppose imperialist military expansion and war preparation and safeguard world peace. They also discussed the protection of women's and children's rights, the fight for the 8-hour workday and women's suffrage. Clara Zetkin, the famous German socialist revolutionist and outstanding communist fighter who led the meeting, proposed that March 8 every year be the world women's Struggle Day, which was unanimously supported by the delegates. Since then, "38" women's Day has become the world's women to fight for rights and liberation of the holiday.



Clara Zetkin

March 8, 1911 was the first International Working Women's Day.

Our country started in 1922 to commemorate the March Eighth.