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Enterprise technology consultant — Professor Tan of Hainan University
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Enterprise technology consultant — Professor Tan of Hainan University

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3.8 Ushered in the signing ceremony between Professor Tan of Hainan University and the technical consultant of Tong Xin Technology. Professor Tan “encouraged” our Tong Xin technology with professional knowledge and rich research results.



Tong Xin Technology solemnly invites Professor Tan from Hainan University to our company for guidance. Professor Tan’s deep cultivation and research of latex expertise can better help our factory in the production of difficulties and technical problems to provide solutions and research solutions, as the saying goes, “the company of three, there is always a teacher” alone is not as good as a group of cooperation! Professor Tan will also allow students from Hainan University to come to our company to study and research latex technology, and improve their own working technology while learning. He can also carry out the research and development of latex problem base, and enhance the close link between Hainan University and Tongxin Technology Latex toy company for common development ~



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