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Latex product maintenance tips
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Latex product maintenance tips

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Avoid the sun

Natural latex has protein properties, the sun will make it aging, resulting in powder surface, so must not put latex toys in the sun exposure. And latex products themselves have anti-mite and bacteriostatic characteristics, without the sun. If the indoor lighting is better, it should also do a good job of shading, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.



Not machine washable or dry cleaned

Latex material generally do not need to be cleaned, especially not machine washing, dry cleaning. It is easy to damage latex toys due to the great torque force of machine washing; Dry cleaning agents used in dry cleaning can also destroy the properties of natural latex. Usually diligent in wiping disinfection can be. If there is a small area of dirt, only need to wipe with a wet towel and put in a ventilated place, until completely dry before use.



Proper ventilation

Although latex toys themselves have a lot of good air permeability porosity design, but also do not put latex bedding in wet space, to keep the space ventilated dry; Heavy moisture areas or seasons, to get the latex toys outdoors to blow air, in order to keep the latex toys themselves dry and fresh.



Avoid squeezing
Take latex toys, do not squeeze, fold, so as not to damage the latex toys. Usually try not to press heavy objects in order to avoid deformation. In daily work to wipe ventilation, but also to keep the surface clean and sanitary latex toys.



Color change
Natural latex toys are very delicate, and after contact with the sun and air will be oxidized, the color gradually yellow, is a normal phenomenon, will not affect the use of effect.


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