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The past and present lives of latex
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The past and present lives of latex

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More than 40 years ago, Germany, where not a single latex tree could be grown, invented a process called Dunlop, and now many tires are made of Dunlop (Dunlop tires are made of 30 years old oak rubber). The latex juice, like milk and soymilk, went through more than 40 processes to become the latex toys/pillows that we now bathe or play with. Have you noticed that South American people's clothes are very casual, but their children play with very good toys, children regard educational toys as the refueling base of life.


Why did the Europeans turn latex into toys and tableware? Was latex used as a toy from the beginning? We're going to start with the history of latex. More than 100 years ago, Europeans came to tropical Asia and shipped latex back by the lot. The uncivilized Asians didn't understand why. The European medical community found that latex has a very important component - oak protein, oak protein has a good antibacterial activity. Even in the case of overheating or burning, no toxic substances are produced. Latex is used in medical equipment, gloves for doctors, syringes for injections, breathing apparatus for patients, the tubes that we've seen patients put on their bodies, are all made of latex.


More than 70 years ago, the United States turned latex into an edible product. First of all, what we can eat is chewing gum, chewing it has no taste, you are chewing a piece of latex. Second, the baby's pacifier is made of latex. Third, we use high-grade dentures, gums, braces, also made of latex. The fact that latex is edible means that it is safe and non-toxic for us. That's why Europeans came up with ways to make baby toys out of latex.


Latex toys are respected, because 100% healthy non-toxic, children's physical and mental health development is an important development, will not cause physical damage, can also use mouth bite, safety factor is very high, but silicone products are prone to produce harmful gases and odor, long-term play will cause bad effects on the baby. Choosing latex toys is always alert to the health of a family and is a good companion for babies!