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Exciting Company Benefits!
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Exciting Company Benefits!

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The company has ushered in the 5-year working journey, and the company has given great recognition and affirmed and appreciated the work attitude of the two employees. In these 5 years, our company has given the two employees an "interest-free loan of 200,000 yuan to buy a house" for their excellent performance and efficient and orderly handling of customer problems for the company. This is NOT only to motivate our employees, but also to better serve customers around the world, to show our most professional and dedicated side ~



Company Introduction:
Dongguan Tongxin Technology Industrial Co Ltd. is a modern factory borned in south of China, which engages in developing and producing natural rubber baby teether and bath toys. We design and manufacture adorable toys for families with babies and toddlers all over the world.
Combining great innovation and superb quality to make us outstanding. All products are completed in one facility with love and attention. We take responsibility to baby care and environmental ecological progress since 2015. At Tongxin, we strongly believe that nothing is incoincident, our next generation deserves to live in a green world. We are very proud of my team and what we are doing, it is more than a toy, every piece of our work is filled with our wisdom, diligent and full love.