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A refreshing morning!
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A refreshing morning!

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A refreshing morning! The company invites everyone to exercise and play games together to relax the brain and improve the haze of early rising!



This is a product made by the great staff of our company. We make many products about animal shape, very vivid logo, suitable for babies to improve the cognition of food shape, help to develop brain thinking, our products are purely hand painted, each one is unique!


Movement time


Here's a look at the exciting moments of the morning session.



Our game rules are side by side standing partners and partners on the opposite side to guess the outcome, the winner of the whole row of players on the opposite side of the squat, there are always small partners by hostile momentum scared and lost! Come on show ~



This is our morning interactive small game, if you also like this mode of getting along, you are welcome to have a look at our production of children's toys, oh, really worth it!