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The benefits of latex toys
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The benefits of latex toys

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Everyone remembers the latex toys they loved and cherished as children. The animal you cuddle with every night. The dinosaur that accompanies you on every trip. The lovely bighorn deer sitting next to you at the dinner table. From the outside, these toys are delicate and comfortable recreations of real animals you might encounter on a camping trip, at the zoo or at home. But for your child, they are much more than that. For many young children, latex toys become their constant companions, comforting them, listening to them, keeping their little secrets, and staying by their side as they explore the world around them.

Because latex toys can quickly become inner companions, they can be great for teaching your child to care - and one of the best ways to do this is through pretend play. Let's say your kids are having a tea party with their favorite dinosaur, Daisy. The first thing to do is to get invited. Once you've got permission to attend, you can show your children how to look after Daisy by telling them that everyone at the table should have a cup of tea and a sweet treat. If you can encourage your child to play with toys like a doctor's kit or vet set, this can also foster empathy and compassion as they will care for their toys as a patient. In turn, when your children are confronted with social situations in real life - such as in the classroom - they will understand the importance of sharing and being considerate of others.


Pretending to play with latex toys can also help children develop their language skills. Communication is an important part of friendship, and since children often become best friends with their latex toys, they will most likely talk to latex toys! Talking to Daisy or Lucy can help them practice their vocabulary and express themselves in a safe environment - these friends are great listeners and will let the child speak freely! Talking to a special person also means that your child will only hear their own voice, which can also help them improve their speech and pronunciation. If you see that not much conversation is happening, just pick up a latex toy and talk to them to inspire your child to role-play!

Whether it's a tender snuggle, a tea party, or a heart-to-heart exchange, it's always good to have a loving and loving partner!